WOW | metamorphosis


40’s is the new 30. Milan, a resident of Hong Kong shows us just how.

While she lives mostly between Kathmandu and Hong Kong, she feels most at home in her roots in Taplejung among the mountains and the native simplicity of life there.

A fashion lover, foodie and cook, she loves to experiment with makeup as much as she loves to stir up creative meals for loved ones.

In this issue, the multi talented makeup artist Sizi Thapa and versatile photographer Milan play their magic on Milan who despite it being her first professional shoot, takes to the camera like a pro.

Favourite makeup look: Nude makeup and smokey eyes

Cosmetic brand: MAC, Clinique and Naked

Fashion Icon: Jennifer Lopez, Yoon Eun-hye and Shilpa Shetty

3 must haves in a woman’s wardrobe: Short dress, high heels, matching bag

Favourite pass time: Window shopping!

To look after myself… Exercise, lots of water, fruits and vegetables

Current perfume: Chanel, Gucci

Shoes or bags? Both

Favourite Cuisine: Simply spicy

Love to cook: Chicken curry

3 things I love about living in Hong Kong: My work, shopping and my friends

Best thing about being me: I am happy being ME!