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Mishu Shrestha and her MISHUS

Mishu Shrestha is a creative fashion designer and founder of her own fashion brand – MISHUS – that was launched officially in November 2012. She seeks to establish herself as a home-grown Nepali designer brand of women’s ready to wear clothing with attention to detail, use of quality material and the display of innovative and creative designs in unique combinations.

She specialises in cashmere clothing, and evening and bridal wears.

She is also the Creative Director of Anna Rohn label, Germany ‘MISHUS’ walk-on Women’s Fashion Nepal.

Here’s what she feels about fashion with insights into the fall-winter trends:


What is fashion for you?

Fashion is an art, a career and a passion for me. This is a platform to express my creativity in an artistic way through my collection.

What does MISHUS offer to fashion lovers?

MISHUS offers mainly Cashmere garments and evening and bridal gowns.

Your fashion icon/ inspiration

My fashion icon is Sofia Loren and Franca Sozzani. However, I get my inspiration from designers like Valentino and Etro.

What is your favourite trend this year?

My favourite trend this year is culottes.

…And what would you like to see disappear?

Excessive contouring and torn to shredded jeans must disappear. We are foolish enough to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a pair of jeans with big holes!

Describe your “I made it moment”

When I showcased at my debut fashion show in November 2012

Three must have’s in a woman’s wardrobe?

Every woman is different but I do believe that these are must haves in any woman’s wardrobe: black blazer, a pair of jeans, and a cashmere shawl to look effortlessly chic and modern.

mishus-1What’s hot for fall-winter 2016?

Trends you’ll see this Fall/Winter 2016 are oversized sweaters, culottes, heavy scarves and ankle boots

What does being a woman mean to you?

To me, being a woman, in the first place is being a human, being strong and feeling confident that I can do anything, be anything.

Fashion tips for the woman of today…

Look for designs, certain cuts, comfort and style that look the best on you, and always buy fashion pieces with quality in mind.

Do you believe in age appropriate dressing?

Since living in this part of the world, yes, I do believe in age appropriate dressing which simply means to dress with respect during special occasions. On the other hand just because we are of a certain age does not mean we can’t be stylish either. However one should know body appropriate and dress according to comfort level to feel confident and beautiful.

How important is accessorising your outfit?

By keeping the wardrobe basic, it is very important to accessorise and add pops of colour to an outfit. One should know how and when to incorporate them in day-to-day wear, how to combine and when.

How much importance do you give to comfort while designing?

While designing, I always consider the comfort of my clients. It is most important is try to understand what his/her requirements are and then present design ideas to them.

Can style be acquired?

Indeed, style can be acquired but it is equally important for designers to have their own distinct style.

Your preference for colours this festive season…

Brighter colours always stand out in the festive season. Go over to autumn colours such as green and teal, or even the rusty shades of orange, and red to enhance this festive season.

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