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Career, baby, marriage, home…. not necessarily in this order, but creating work life balance is challenging for most women today. Many struggle with guilt over not being able to give enough time to their little ones, and many struggle with their careers. While it can get seriously stressful, it is also the most rewarding role. Many of the women we spoke to about having it all said it was because of their partners love and involvement and their family’s support they were also to achive a great home, enjoy life be happy moms and career. It’s of course not without  some level of struggle, but these WOW MOMS sure  have figured out individual formulas for family happiness and work success.  Read on…

By: Sonu Yonjan Tamang

Mohini Shrestha Pradhan
Mother of 9 year old Aarav Narsingh Pradhan
Marketing Communications Manager, Hyatt Regency Kathmandu

The best thing about being a mother…
Motherhood is joyous. It really is valuable and incomparable. The best part of being a mother is being able to nurture the life you have brought into this universe and provide him a safe space to develop himself to the fullest. For me it is to see him become a kind, responsible and compassionate human being.

Does motherhood change your life perspective…
Life is more precious now. It’s not only me, it’s me, my child and the lives of my dear ones associated with me.

How do you maintain balance between being a parent and your career?
Working hours in the hospitality industry can get crazy at times. My son, however, is able to manage his basic routine of hygiene and complete his assignments. I make sure to check on all these aspects when I get home. Also, we spend quality time on weekends and holidays.

What makes you a wow mom…
Life is full of ups and downs and being a working mother it adds to the challenges but I feel these situations bring out the best in me and help me become a better human. It does get a little difficult to separate time for my child due to work pressures but well that’s the life of a working mom!