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Montessori Cottage celebrates 25th anniversary

25 years back the Montessori Cottage Pre School introduced a different system of education in the country; a system based on self-directed activities, hands-on learning and collaborative play. At that time this was not very common but the principal Vibha Rana was determined to teach children to first think for themselves rather than just feeding them knowledge through textbooks. “I am proud to say we are the oldest Montessori system pre-school in the country. 28 years back, I received my degree from Calcutta then went on to get an International degree from London Montessori Centre. After working in Rato Bangla as their Kindergarten teacher, I started Montessori Cottage. Time has flown, I have met many parents and children, I have been through a lot of ups and downs but the journey has been rewarding and exciting. This is my passion,” shares Rana.

On June 8, Montessori Cottage brought together former students and parents to be a part of the school’s celebrations and to share their success stories. “Over the years, I am really excited to see my former students. They have all turned out to be so confident and successful. Some of my children are in the best Universities or have started their own businesses. I am really glad Montessori has helped them build their base,” she asserts.
Tsewang, a former student shares, “It was really lovely to meet everyone. Although I do not remember many people as I was very small, it is amazing to know that everyone is successful in their respective fields”.
Prabin Rana, Deputy Director at Alliance Francaise, Kathmandu, and parent of a current student shares, “I can proudly say that my son is a Montessori boy. I think their method of teaching is amazing.”

All guests were entertained with live music followed by a delicious potluck lunch.