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Monthly Forecast through Tarot card reading

Aries (March 21 − April 20)
Love life: There is something about the atmosphere that keeps sweeping your mind away into a world of fantasy.
Career: A difficult power struggle will erupt in your place of work towards the end of the month.
Health: Exercise can be an excellent way to relieve tension in the body and improve your mood.
Tip of the Month: Commit to action and take steps to make it happen.
Lucky no.: 3, 24
Lucky colour: Yellow

Taurus (April 21 − May 20)
Love life: Stop thinking and go be with your loved one somewhere special.
Career: You are in a good position to make a major move career-wise, but keep in mind that you will need to be flexible in order to make this happen.
Health: Don’t be afraid to take steps to improve your manners or physical appearance.
Tip of the Month: Give yourself a goal and do it.
Lucky no.: 8, 26
Lucky colour: Blue

Gemini (May 21 − June 21)
Love life: Your love life really sparkles and you will feel completely spellbound.
Career: Enjoy working with a creative colleague who wants to elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary.
Health: A stretch class only twice a week will transform you into a different person.
Tip of the Month: Proceed with caution.
Lucky no.: 11, 29
Lucky colour: Green

Cancer (June 22 − July 22)
Love life: A certain romantic promise you make needs to be spoken in terms you can keep and another can accept.
Career: People who may act like your friends in the workplace may not really be your friends at all.
Health: Control sugar, as you can come under attack of diabetics.
Tip of the Month: Make a list of your skills.
Lucky no.: 7, 21
Lucky colour: Pink

Leo (July 23 − August 22)
Love life: You’ll love the mysterious atmosphere that comes with planetary alignment and it is worth it.
Career: You’ll be the realist in any team project.
Health: Make your well-being your first choice. The better you feel, the happier you’ll be.
Tip of the Month: Make sure you don’t get too carried away.
Lucky no.:  15, 28
Lucky colour: White