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Monthly Forecast through Tarot card reading

Aries (March 21 − April 20)
Love life: Don’t let past mistakes or regrets prevent you from making progress with someone new.
Career: Make sure you have love for the work you are doing.
Health: A regular exercise regimen will keep you out of harm’s way.
Tip of the Month: Don’t get pulled off track. Be confident. Lucky no.: 5, 18
Lucky colour: Yellow

Taurus (April 21 − May 20)
Love life: If you are going out on a first date, ensure that you both get to see the best in each other to be instantly smitten.
Career: Celebrate your success – big or small – with everyone in office!
Health: Pay close attention to sensations in different parts of your body.
Tip of the Month: Follow your intuition.
Lucky no.: 2, 27
Lucky colour: Pink

Gemini (May 21 − June 21)
Love life: Ignore the flaws and focus on the positive side of your loved one.
Career: If you are unhappy, quit your job and find something else. Follow your passion.
Health: Give yourself time to unwind and rejuvenate.
Tip of the Month: Indulge into charity.
Lucky no.: 4, 13
Lucky colour: Peach

Cancer (June 22 − July 22)
Love life: You may meet someone special at a group that is centred around powerful ideals that you both share.
Career: Personal changes are facilitating a new growth spurt in your work. This is a time for you to move up.
Health: Right medication and precautions will be good.
Tip of the Month: New travel plans could add spice to your life. Lucky no.: 9, 21
Lucky colour: Magenta

Leo (July 23 − August 22)
Love life: You will find your lover extremely passionate, deeply romantic, and full of feelings and tenderness.
Career: You need intellectual freedom and diversity. If your current job doesn’t allow this, you should consider moving on.
Health: Balance your energy towards constructive and positive work.
Tip of the Month: Contemplate your life situation in a new way.
Lucky no.: 14
Lucky colour: Orange

Virgo (August 23 − September 22)
Love life: You love to feel secure in a relationship, and this month is all about this.
Career: Joint ventures, teamwork and partnership will prove beneficial at the work front.
Health: Try out exotic beauty therapies and enjoy more spa days.
Tip of the Month: Stand up for what you think is right. Lucky no.: 7, 25
Lucky colour: Purple

Libra (September 23 − October 22)
Love life: The current astral configuration is a wonderful omen for romance, but it may not come about in the traditional sense.
Career: Feel free to make important executive decisions.
Health: Running, swimming and yoga are a great for you.
Tip of the Month: The most important thing is to be true to yourself.
Lucky no.: 11, 20
Lucky colour: Red

Scorpio (October 23 − November 21)
Love life: Cupid is very busy firing arrows right, left and centre… and you could be a target.
Career: Be sure to partner with those who are responsible and efficient at work.
Health: Drink plenty of fresh water every day. Stay hydrated.
Tip of the Month: Choose quality over quantity.
Lucky no.: 3, 19
Lucky colour: Gold

Sagittarius (November 22 − December 21)
Love life: This month offers an opportunity to make a meaningful gesture toward someone you love deeply.
Career: You may feel alone at work. Be careful of whom you trust.
Health: Try to keep a regular schedule of rest – go to bed and get up at regular hours each day.
Tip of the Month: Plan a get together at home.
Lucky no.: 1, 24
Lucky colour: Green

Capricorn (December 22 − January 20)
Love life: Sometimes love comes to us in very strange and mysterious ways that we could never have dreamt in a million years.
Career: Stay balanced despite the incredible transformation all around you at work.
Health: Get a regular health check up done.
Tip of the Month: Be sure that you are following your dreams!
Lucky no.: 6, 13
Lucky colour: Cream

Aquarius (January 21 − February 19)
Love life: Romance and love are open to misunderstandings so be careful.
Career: Take a lesson from people who are successful in what they do.
Health: Avoid crash diets. Instead hit the gym.
Tip of the Month: Avoid negative vibes. Control your temper.
Lucky no.: 15
Lucky colour: Yellow

Pisces (February 20 − March 20)
Love life: It would be wise to expect the unexpected, and to keep an open mind as far as romance is concerned.
Career: You are giving birth to a new idea or project. You are well supported.
Health: Walking is a great exercise for the lower spine and can be a wonderful treat for your lungs with deep, regular breaths.
Tip of the Month: Get a makeover done. Lucky no.: 9, 18
Lucky colour: Blue