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Muna Gauchan

Young, smart and go getting Muna Gauchan wants to eventually become a successful dentist. Right now, she is lighting up the ramp as an upcoming model. She enjoys singing and dancing, and is determined to become a stronger and better person through life’s journey.

Describe yourself in 3 words
Hard working, determined, ambitious

Your biggest strength
My biggest strength would be my ability to re-boost and never give up. I also always present myself as I am!

Fashion is…
It is reflection of you and your personality.

You are secretly afraid of…
Caterpillars. Ever since childhood.

Ultimate goal
I am a very ambitious person filled with dreams and achieving success in all I do would be my ultimate goal.

You are happiest when…
Going shopping with my family. I could never tire of shopping!

What are you busy with at the moment?
After completing my +2 last year I devoted myself totally to modeling and have some new projects. I will soon be starting my bachelor level studies.

Style VS trend
I guess style and trend are at parallel. When you style your outfits it becomes a trend.

Life is…
Life is a beautiful gift, work hard, and celebrate it.

Ten years from now…
I want to see myself as successful dentist and a happy human being.