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How short is too short?

Women are often judged on what they wear. Either it’s too short, too revealing, too provocative, too loud, too tight or just inappropriate. Public shaming of women wearing too little or too much is on the rise, yet young women are adamant that they are NOT just about how they dress. It’s a worldwide issue but is it right to judge someone about their personal worth based on how they choose to explore fashion. If fashion is a form of self expression, does this kind of critique help a woman? Yet social norms deem otherwise. Here’s what Muray Kerr have to say on this topic.

Murray Kerr

In our society if a woman dresses a certain way or in a certain length, she is absolutely looked upon differently. It’s an unfortunate fact that women from all walks of society are judged almost immediately and at the most superficial levels. For me, too short and how long is simply irrelevant. If she’s wearing a bin bag or Coco Chanel it really makes no difference, though what does matter is the confidence and attitude of the person inside the outfit. I’ve never been comfortable commenting on how a woman dresses, it turns them into objects, strips them of their humanity. Live and let live, all is permitted in my book.