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Music In Her Genes

Yankee Yolmo has a beautiful voice. She came from Darjeeling to audition for the Voice of Nepal Season 2 in Kathmandu. In less than two weeks, she was able to garner more than 600k views on her blind audition video.
Coming from a family with a strong musical background, Yankee has a strong support system and she is all set to take the industry by a storm. She shares a special rapport with her grandfather, and looks up to her family with immense love and pride.

In a conversation with WOW, she shares what’s it’s like to grow in a musical household, her journey in the competition and more…

Text: Anushka Shrestha
Photo file: Ram Tandukar/Gokul Shrees

Growing up in a musical household, do you ever bounce ideas or music off your family members?

Being a part of a musical family it is a big plus point for me as they have supported me in every possible way. We share ideas and take each other’s advice all the time.

Is there a family member that you have a stronger musical bond with than the rest?

Yes, it would be my father and grandfather. They helped me take my first step into the musical world.

What have you learnt from your grandfather?

My grandfather taught me what music is; the structure of the song, deliverance of the lyrics and overall composition. He always tells me to forget about the world and fully get lost in the lyrics while singing.

How would you describe his approach to composition?

He is a brilliant composer. Probably the only composer in Darjeeling whose songs truly reflect our Yolmo culture.

Is there any difference when playing with your family versus other musicians?

Music is something that unites people from every corner. Playing with my family gives me a different vibe because I sing beyond my genre and it takes me to a different world. While playing with a band or other musicians, I am usually to trying to entertain the younger crowd.

What made you enter the Voice of Nepal, and what has the journey been like?

Initially, I never planned to give it a try. But when I saw the audition last year, I noticed that we could perform English numbers as well. This got me a little interested. Then a man from Kathmandu messaged me the link of the audition on Facebook. I still don’t know who this man is, but I decided to apply. Now I am here and I am extremely thankful to this man.

My journey so far has been amazing! I have met many young talents who have showered me with love and respect.

Why did you choose Astha Raut as your coach?

I chose Astha Raut because we have a similar musical background and I thought it would be easier to communicate with her. Also, people often told me that we sound similar while singing. So, when I came to know she was one of the coaches this year, I made up my mind that she would be my coach.

Who do you deem as your strongest competitor in the contest?

Not being diplomatic, but simply stating the fact, everyone is equally strong and good. Honestly, I don’t take anyone as my competitor, I take them as my family and wish that the best one wins.

How does it feel to have more than 600K views on your blind audition video in less than two weeks?

It just feels amazing to see my views grow on YouTube. I am thankful that people loved my performance. The show has helped me grow my subscribers on YouTube. Currently, I don’t have many videos, so I think it will go higher once I start maintaining my account.

Why did you choose Mero Aansu for your blind audition?

The song Mero Aansu was given to me by Karan Raj Karki who now is the adviser for team Astha. I am thankful to him for choosing this song for me.

Is there any song that’s very close to your heart?

A few songs are close to my heart because they are composed by my brother Deepankar Singh Mukhia. He is a composer from Darjeeling and also my stepping stone into the music industry.

How do you define music?

Music is like oxygen for me, I cannot live without it. It helps people to express their emotions and heal their soul.

Which genre of music best fits you?

I perform all kinds of songs, but mostly Western.

Where do you see yourself in 2020?

God will decide my destiny but I’ll work very hard for it. Also, I can never stop thanking Voice of Nepal for providing me with this platform.

Yankee’s Favourites

Favourite song:
Black Horse and the Cherry Tree by Kt Kunshall
Favourite hangout:
Nerdvana Café, Darjeeling