WOW | Musical Conversation

Music is a force that makes me want to do more – Naren Limbu

Text by: Sonu Yonjan Tamang

Naren Limbu is one of the immensely talented and loved music artistes in the Nepali music industry today. He has given many hits and memorable music videos and has a huge fan fallowing. A singer, song writer, actor and film maker, Naren also recently finished writing a movie script. He also shares an avid love for football. When WOW asked him to describe himself, he responded, “I am a learner who keeps making mistakes.”

Naren Limbu wants to be remembered as a good song writer more than anything else. He has dedicated more than decade to Nepali music and in return has gained tremendous love and adulation. In this issue of WOW, we caught up with the multitalented king of music for a conversation. Excerpts:

Who have been your greatest influences in music?

Music itself has been my greatest influence. There is no particular person or band of any sort. I would say time and situation, things around me… the things that I have seen or gone through are what make me want to sit and write.

What does music mean to you?

Music has helped me discover myself. It’s my guide. A friend. It’s a force that makes me want to do more.

What have been some of your most memorable performances?

Even the worst performance can sometimes turn into the most memorable moments. I have had many of those but I think best are yet to come. I still have long way to go.

What has been your most enjoyable song to write?

I enjoy writing every song. I sit with my guitar and I wouldn’t even know what I would be writing about. I keep thinking and try to come up with something and when it clicks it just comes out of me. Sometimes the words come first and then the tune, and sometimes it’s the tune and then the words.Some takes a month to finish and some can happen within a few minutes. I don’t remember myself writing during the song making process. The tune and words remain in my head.

Were any of your songs written to symbolise your childhood?

There isn’t anything special to write about my childhood. It was pretty normal. So I never look back at it while trying to write song. I did write a song for my little nephew. Mero man from my third album, Artha. Kids bring happiness to you for no reason. The way they move , talk, walk and just watching them makes you smile.

How old were you when you wrote your first song and what was it about?

I tried writing a few songs before but Birsana from our first album Aastha was the first complete song that I wrote. It’s about, how difficult it is to think of the past that you have shared with your lost love. I think I was 20 back then. The song turned out to be pretty nice and that’s when I felt “yes I can write”. It also gave us (sudip and me) the guts to actually go the studio and record it.

Who would you like to perform with and for?

To be honest I don’t go around thinking of this kind of stuff. I am fine with myself.

What would you be doing now if you didn’t have a music career?

Film making or I might just have been somewhere abroad just like many Nepalese youths.


Instrument: Guitar
All time favorite song: Sambodhan by 1974 AD
Growing up I listened to: Nima Rumba, 1974AD , Babin Pradhan, Nepathya, Suresh Kumar, Cross Road, Nabin Bhattrai
Music makes me: Thoughtful
Aastha: 2018 is the year for Aastha

Songs that

Inspires you: Ma sansar jitney aat by Sabin Rai
Relaxes you: Audai jadain by Uglyz
Makes you happy:Parelima by 1974 AD
Makes your feet move: Nepali thito by me
Makes you forget about the world: Music reminds of the real world so there are none

Five fun facts

  • Not as young as I look!
  • Not as tall as I look in my videos
  • Worked (directed) on more than 80 music videos
  • Offered to work in seven movies but have worked in only one
  • I just finished writing a movie script. I guess that makes me a script writer as well!