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In the Nepali music world, Nattu Shah needs little introduction. Through her song Ma Dherai Maya Garchu released almost a decade ago, she has been making waves in the Nepali Music industry. In a short online interview, Anushka Shrestha talks to her about her thoughts on music.

What drew you to the music industry?

Music has always been an integral part of my family. I was not drawn into music, I was born into it.

What are the genres you follow?

I don’t discriminate any music genre: weather, feelings and everyday life encounters set my mood for it.

Do you stay in touch with your fans?

Social media has been one of my favourite means of connecting with my fans. Every day I get thousands of messages which I try to respond to as much as possible. Other than that, the Nepali community is strong in any part of the world, so connecting with my fans has not been that much of a challenge for me.

Do you follow a process when writing songs?

I am an emotional writer. If I am in tune with my emotions, I can write a song in five minutes. I don’t believe that art should be a technical process, rather a soulful journey.

Your take on the Nepali music industry…

The industry is progressing. There are many ups and downs. We have so much talent that needs exposure and platform. For this, we need resources and support.

Do you have new releases anytime soon?

I have a quirky number releasing soon. I hope everyone enjoys it.

What were some of the biggest struggles in your music career?

Music career happened by fluke, but when I realised I could pursue it, I lacked guidance and good support. Hence, I made it a mission to help young talents find the right path towards their career without getting exploited.

A message to your well-wishers…

Over the past few years, I have been garnering immense support from my well-wishers. This fills my heart filled with love. Hence, I have nothing else to offer other than a lot of love to all my well-wishers; I wouldn’t be here without your support.

If not a musician, I would be

A politician

My inspiration for music


A song that I can listen to forever is

One Last Breath by Creed

Life without music is


Music for me is