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Music is my lifeline

Nhyoo Bajracharya was born in Om Bahal, Kathmandu and raised in a musical atmosphere. His father was a lyricist and his mom loved to sing and play the harmonium. The influence was so strong that Nhyoo as a child learned to play the mouth harmonica on his own. A self taught artiste, music runs in his veins. The 25 years of a highly acclaimed career did not come without its moments of doubt. Music was not considered a career during his growing years and despite fate guiding him to his life path, he resisted initially. In 1981, the year he gave his SLC, Bajracharya recorded a song in Radio Nepal for the first time. But when he joined college, he knew he had made the worst decision ever. He dropped out and started to teach music. During this time, he was encouraged by Lochan Bhattarai to participate in a singing competition held by Radio Nepal. He won and ever since, life took the course he was meant to be on. Today he is celebrated for his art. Excerpts of a conversation with Alan Rai of WOW:

5 things people don’t know about you
I love sports.
I was very good at table tennis.
I also sing.
I am a judge in the Nepal Idol show.
I am married.

Who have you been influenced by?
I have been greatly influenced by Natikaji and Gopal Yonjan’s music. Initially, I was influenced by Western music.

How do you prefer to be recognised – as a singer or a composer?
I want to be recognised as a composer. My composition ranges from classical, spiritual, rock to children’s songs.

How would you describe yourself?
I am very simple and humble. I don’t like to boast about my abilities. After winning first prize in the Radio Nepal Competition I couldn’t compose any song for a year. I had remained confined to the admiration received from people. I realised then, that such kind of idolisation affects creativity

Are you spiritual?
I first experienced meditation in 1994. I think an artist needs to know oneself. The reflection from my meditation has been useful in my work.

Are you religious?
I am not devoutly religious. Being raised with Buddhist norms, I have faith in Buddhism.

What does music mean to you?
It’s my life support, my lifeline.

Your favourite instrument

All time favourite songs
Saya thari baja eutai taal, Laija chari and Phoolko ankha ma… and most of my compositions.

What kind of music did you listen to while growing up?
I listened to many songs. I was most influenced by the compositions of Narayan Gopal, Natikaji, Gopal Yonjan. Their compositions never failed to captivate me.

Advice for upcoming artists
Music is for everyone but it’s better to learn and prepare well before taking up music as a career.

Songs that inspire you…
Aaj jane ki zid na karo by Pakistani singer Faridha Khanum and Meri Jaan by Geeta Dutt.

A song you enjoy listening to…
Shanti Thatal’s, Samhalera Rakha

Where does your creativity emanate from?
Initially, I sought creativity in loneliness, but never found it. I have composed songs even in the noisiest places. I feel it is related to spirituality.

Favourite artistes
Narayan Gopal, Prem Dhoj Pradhan, Shanti Thatal, Ram Krishna Dhakal, Sukmit Gurung

Judging Nepal Idol, what are you looking for in the winner?
A voice and stage persona which touches my heart and soul.