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Music is powerful : Sanjay Shrestha

Born in Janakpur, raised in Kathmandu, Sanjay Shrestha was in the travel line before entering the music industry. Although he was inclined towards music even as a child, he was too shy to explore his talent. The turning point came when he formed a band with friends called Crossroads that also gave him the recognition of being the first to introduce pop culture to Nepali music. His song, Maya Meri Maya, is immortalised in the hearts of his fans. He is the first name that comes across the 90s youth when they think of Nepali music. WOW caught up with the suave singer and music director for this edition’s musical conversation. Excerpts:

Music is…

Music for me is a medium that gives way to your inner feelings and desires, whether negative or positive. It gives a platform to your sentiments. We cannot deny that sometimes it has created revolutions as well. Music is powerful.

How did your love for music come about?

I was passionate about music since my childhood. The place where I used to live had a Dabali and a lot of renowned singers like Madan Krishna Shrestha, Prem Awatari would come there during certain festivals to perform. I grew up seeing them. But I was a shy child and I couldn’t reveal my passion. Later I established a band among friends and found a way to give expression to my music.

Beside music, who are you…

I am a fun loving guy who loves travelling and hanging out among family and friends. I never allowed my popularity to get to my head. I prefer a simple lifestyle and I enjoy every bit of it.

What does Crossroads mean to you?

It was our band which was formed in 1992. As the name suggests it is the critical part of life. It was formed by me and some friends who were very interested in music as our first step into the Nepali music industry. But we couldn’t continue due to different circumstances. It gave me the space to introduce and officially start my musical career.

Who have been your greatest influences in music?

Narayan Gopal has been always my greatest influence. There are other national and international bands and individuals who have inspired me too. Among them are The Beatles, Scorpions, Eagles and Harish Mathema and Sunil Uprety from Nepal.

How spiritually inclined are you? And does this have any connection with your music?

I believe there is an invisible power. I always trust in the power of God. Believing in God doesn’t mean you have to witness miracles everyday rather its faith. I personally pray for positive energy and the power to execute my work effectively.

How important are lyrics?

To make any song or music a hit, lyrics plays an important role. It is better to have simple lyrics rather than complicated literary terminologies. Keeping it simple is the best but being simple is hard.

If you were not a musician…

I would definitely have been a banker!


Instrument… Guitar
Song… All Narayan Gopal songs
Band/singer…. Nima Rumba, Scorpions, The Eagles
Songs that inspire you…. Each and every song of Narayan Gopal
Relaxes you… Aja Bholi Harek Sajh Matina Thalechu
Makes you happy… Dhinchak Pooja
Makes your feet move… Michael Jackson
Makes you forget about the world… Timilai Ma K Vanu Phool Vanu Ki Jun Vanu

What people don’t know about you…

I play the flute
I love going to the gym
I prefer hanging out with friends and travelling
I admire Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif very much