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My Kind of Woman !

Ankit-khanalAnkit Khanal

UN Field Analyst

My kind of woman is someone who is strong, vibrant and youthful. A woman who has seen the ups and downs of life and has used those experiences to shape her. As Joanne Clancy quoted, “Be the kind of woman who, when your feet hit the floor each morning, the devil says “Oh no! She’s up!” That’s my kind of woman, women with positive attitude towards life. Most importantly, she should have a sense of humour, does not take life too seriously, and is herself. Someone who can skip make-up and be comfortable in sweats and a t-shirt when I meet her, I find them the prettiest.

I prefer a woman who can party but not on every weekend. Someone who can also stay home and read books. I like someone whose life is kept low-key as it makes her more intriguing and makes me want to know her more. Lastly, I like a woman who is confident because there is something sexy about it and makes me fall for her every time.