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My Kind of Woman !

Ayushman-GhimireAyushman Ghimire


I would love someone with a good personality. Personality here refers to her outlook, intelligence, and common sense and how she reacts to situations of happiness as well as adversities.

I am mostly attracted to someone who is childish, expressive, talkative, and loves to be pampered. I have a habit of pampering. They say being mature is to know when to be immature.

At the same time, I would look for someone who is trustworthy and understands my profession. I am a bit filmy kind of a person who believes in fairytales. No matter how the world is, I believe fairytale-endings are possible if two people decide and commit to make one. So I would like someone who is expressive, cherishes little moments of life and creates big memories. Above all, she should be trustworthy.

I don’t like women who tend to be hideous, mysterious and less expressive of their feelings.