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My Kind of Woman !

Inzamam-Ali-KhanInzamam Ali Khan


I didn’t actually realise I had a type until my best friend pointed it out to me. I prefer girls who are smart as well as beautiful (beauty with brains), also independent, and those who have their own thing going.

I generally prefer the swooning look (Mawra Hocane type), and confidence (as in being secure with who they are) is a huge one for me. I’d like her to have a wide range of interests and be adventurous, as I like anything from movies to new technologies to table tennis to working out/nutrition, travel, dancing, etc. That means I’d take someone like Alia Bhatt over some vapid hot girl like Emma Watson.

I also would prefer if she was more introverted (as I am one too) because my idea of a perfect night is watching South Indian movies on the sofa under a duvet with chips, chocolates and a hot mug of coffee. And a traditional girl with good morals, the type that’s focused on being a better person and doing the right thing rather than what others think of her. Perfect wife material…The girl who will love me to death and take good care of my family, adorably sweet, and a cry baby. It’s a kind of thing that would turn me into a nervous wreck if I stumbled across someone like that in person. Small trade off if I could potentially spend the rest of my life with the one!