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My Kind of Woman !

Prithu-BaskotaPrithu Baskota


Determined, ambitious, goal-driven, charming personality with a good sense of humour would be the perfect combination of traits that I would love to have in my woman.

A bold personality is always handful and is just what you would need in this age and time to be by your side, all the way. I look for a smart woman who will always advise and support me to get things done the right way and most importantly with conviction.

A kind heart that treats everyone equally is a trait I would never say no to.

The true character of a woman always comes in display in a situation under fire. I wish my kind of woman would realise her self-worth more than anything. She should have the courage and the venom to achieve what she desires the most.  Regardless of whatever that is going around, it’s really important that she know that it is her decision and action that matters the most.
With that said, she should also give thought to what my perspectives are. To wrap it up, a strong independent woman with clarity… oozing self-confidence would be an icing on the cake!