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My Kind of Woman !

Shashank-ShresthaShashank Shrestha

Guitarist, Binaash Band/Barista Trainer/Lecturer

Being truly beautiful has nothing to do with what you look like, but everything to do with who you are. To me, it is more important how a woman carries herself rather than what she carries.

My kind of woman would be one who would bring a smile on my face even in my darkest hours. I want to feel a kind of belongingness whenever I am around her. Traits like being funny, loving, and down to earth are the things that I look for in her. I absolutely adore when she finds happiness in small things.

I find confident ladies sexy and humility to be the precious jewel they wear. Failure shall never be a choice for her but only a lesson to push herself to do even better. I would love a woman who would understand my personal space and sense of privacy. Moreover, a loving friend who would measure my success in terms of my happiness deposits rather than my bank deposits.