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Nail Art

By: Priya Kabo

Picking your wedding day nail polish is only half the battle when it comes to getting a perfect bridal manicure. There are going to be a lot of people looking at your hands to catch a glimpse of that pretty new ring. WOW catches up with Cora Lam Sin Wai, the founder and nail guru of The French Nails, Durbar Marg, on her top tips and recommendations to make sure your nails look fabulous on your big day! Here’s what she says:

TIP 1# Don’t be afraid to tell your nail technician what you want and ask for their recommendation!

For special occasions like your wedding day, getting nail extensions are a great way to complete your look, adding a pretty feminine touch. Having said that, nail extensions can be a bit impractical especially if it is your first time, so you definitely want to keep that in mind.

I would highly recommend getting a gel nail manicure as they are easy and super comfortable to have. Gel manicures have instant dry time, have a beautiful luster to them and are chip-free for weeks – it’s literally a dream come true, so if you’re looking for a stunning but practical option I would definitely recommend a gel manicure with maybe some nail art for that extra glam look.

Regular manicures with nail art are also a great choice when it comes to bridal manicures, especially if you have many different ceremonies and outfits. They look spectacular and are very easy to change so that they match your look.

All in all, please do not be afraid to ask your nail technician what you are looking for and what your requirements are!

TIP 2# Think about opting for a bridal manicure and pedicure to complete your bridal look and feel fabulous on your wedding day!

I think a bride should feel like a queen on her big day, so I definitely think a beautiful bridal pedicure is a must. Personally, I would recommend a simple look for your pedicure, this would include staying with neutral colours and maybe some rhinestones for a glamourous touch. Who doesn’t want baby soft, good looking toes for their wedding?

TIP 3# Ways to maintain your manicure

Maintaining healthy cuticles is a big must for longer lasting, better looking manicures. Using hand creams and even olive oil for your hands, fingers and cuticles as well as making sure you’re not scratching the cuticle area will help maintain the manicure.

Also I would recommend getting your manicure at least 2-3 days before your big day, so that your nails are looking fresh for your big day.

TIP 4# Personal recommendations

For someone looking for a traditional Nepali bridal look I would suggest a beautiful burgundy red, with a little bit of nail art. Nail art is amazing but should be used wisely, because you do not want to overdo it and make your manicure look tacky. I personally love a solid colour with nail art on my ring finger only. I think adding personalised nail art is super cute!
My go to bridal manicure would definitely be a classic French manicure, again maybe adding some nail art for that extra glam effect. The French manicure is effervescently timeless and will match any outfit.

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