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Would You Take Your Wife’s Last Name?

Naresh Regmi
Student/ Activist

I don’t think I would take my wife’s surname after marriage. Surnames are not merely surnames they are a legacy from our ancestors. In most cases, surnames carry historical and cultural identities and I want myself always connected to my identity. It’s my duty to transfer this identity to my coming generations. So, I don’t think, taking wife’s last name is a good idea. Wife’s have always adopted the husband’s surname as ritual of patriarchal hangover. I do have strong objection with this practice. In this case, I would like my wife to keep the last name she was born with. If she happily wants to add mine to hers, then to respect her I might add her surname behind mine. But I wouldn’t replace my surname. What matters is the sense of equality and respect. The patriarchal politics of surnames should come to end but not like this. If I ever thought of keeping my wife’s surname it would never be just for show. Instead, it would be to make her feel how truly I respect her and her paternal identity.