WOW | Men Speak


Neetesh Jung Kunwar
Singer/Songwriter, Representative, Tone Music Store

Yes of course, men gossip. It doesn’t matter how much you deny it because it’s part of being social. Suppose you meet a friend at a particular place, greet each other and sit down for a chat. There needs to be a certain topic to talk about. Some gossip involves criticising others but most of the time you tend to be positive.

Back when I was a teenager, we used to talk about things such as new bikes in town, our ex-girlfriends, girls we are currently hitting on (LOL), what happened at the last weekend hangout, music and stuff like that.

Now I am at a stage where there’s confusion about being young and being not so young. I see most friends settling into careers, and some already showing signs of success. Agree or not, this causes a panic attack inside. You start wondering whether you have chosen your path correctly or not. And this too leads to gossiping about other people.

Regular topics are friend’s wedding, someone’s life in a foreign country, whistle blowing a colleague, your cold war opponent, your friend’s status in the stock market, social media posts, etc.

To be honest, I am a guy who most of the time prefers to be alone. But when I am at a gathering or talking with a friend, I indulge in conversations which may lead to gossiping. Sometimes, the gossip gets leaked out and then you have to face dispute and even hatred. I try my best to keep to myself. If you really have a gossiping habit, do it with your partner. This would really help if you are true to each other only!