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Nepal wins awards at the Toastmasters Speech Contests in New Delhi

Nepal bagged awards in Toastmasters International District level speech contests. Both Areas from Nepal won 5 out 6 awards in division level humourous and evaluation speech contests in New Delhi. Out of 11 contestants five contestants from two areas of Nepal won trophies in humuorous and evaluation contests. 24 toastmaster members from Nepal participated in Resonance 2017, the district 41 conference held at New Delhi on 3-5 November. Area Director from Nepal Ranjit Acharya said “After sweeping 5 out of 6 awards in division I, being in District finals was a great achievement all together and on top of that winning 2nd position in Humourous speech contest is a big pride for Nepal, we are all happy that Nepal has stepped in a big way to Toastmasters International arena”.