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A New Spirit of Ageing

“Inside every old person is a young person, wondering what happened.” – Terry Pratchett

As a kid, I would always hear my mother saying that an ideal woman should be like Mother Earth – patient and tolerating. No matter how much the people walking this earth step on her, stamp on her, burden her, she is always giving. Similarly, no matter how much a woman bears the difficulties of life, she never stops giving, she is not expected to!

new-beginnings-foto-1In the circle of life, fulfilling various roles of daughter, sister, friend, wife, mother and grandmother, she forgets her own identity and who she really is. For all her life, a woman is obliged to take care of her family, her children and her husband under all conditions. The only time she gets relieved of her duties maybe during maternity. And she does not do all this because she is supposed to but because she wants to. Then who is to blame? The patriarchal society or the woman herself.

In almost all households, a woman is the key to everyone’s needs. But as she ages, she is considered “less useful” or becomes a dependent. Have we not heard cases of children abandoning their parents? Have we not heard of siblings fighting over every inch of property their parents own?

For most elderly women in our society, life is restricted to taking care of their children and husband. But it’s time to stop and think. Life’s too short to end with regrets. Do the things you love and don’t allow the years to stop you from living to the fullest.

Bihani Social Venture believes ageing is a privilege and comes with an enormous amount of experience and learning. Our body may lose some of its potential but the energy and vitality of the soul remains forever young. The entire team of Bihani focuses on staying true to who you really are. The concept of positive aging takes birth when you are not afraid to grow old and you accept gracefully the changes that the years bring to your body.
One example is that of Phoolmani Rai, a member of Bihani Social Venture who took up home based classes of Tai Chi at the age of 89. For her, taking up this activity with Bihani’s Tai Chi instructor, Susmriti Bomjan Tamang, was not only a fun way of making social contact but staying healthy.
The opportunities to engage positively in the second half of our lives are always available, it is the mindset that needs to change. There is research to support that positive engagement improves our quality of life and in the elderly it specifically improves overall wellbeing.

Meenashi Sharma is a BSW Student from KMC currently doing her Social Work Field Placement at Bihani Social Venture.
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