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Should your relationship be the only priority for it to work?

Nikhil Tuladhar (CEO at Index Furniture Nepal)

I don’t think that the priority should always be towards your partner. In fact, the priority should be shared in any relationship. We should determine what we should prioritise based on any specific situation and not the person. In our case, we understand each other very well and we can somehow sense what we should prioritise. However, I do value my wife’s priorities as I trust her decision and I am aware of what is important to her.

Kimiko Mihara Utsunomiya (Spanish Teacher at Lincoln School)

I believe that relationships are all about balance. Both partners in the relationship should make time to spend together, but they should also have their own time to hang out with other people or do things that they enjoy. It is definitely important to prioritise time with your partner and support them in their endeavours. It is often easy to get caught up in daily life, work and other tasks and forget to fully appreciate your partner and show them this appreciation. Therefore, I think that an important aspect of making a relationship work is doing little things that show how much you care about them, however busy life gets, such as writing them little notes and leaving it around the house, remembering to watch a movie with them (of their choosing) or cooking their favourite food and eating together. I am lucky that my partner does so many little things every day to show that he cares; I need to remember to do the same.