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Would you adopt a child?

Irrespective of whether you have your own or are not able of having one for any reason.

Nirab Rimal
Former VJ, Actor and Model / Sannyasin, Osho Tapoban

It totally depends on one’s interest and needs. It may sound radical to many but I am not even in favour of having my own child. Most of the time people give birth to children or adopt them just to comply with the social system. Especially if you are married, you have to have a child. I think the world is so populated today that an absolute birth control should be practiced at least for a decade to create a more balanced and healthy planet. Rearing a child is a great responsibility and looking at where our civilisation stands today I don’t think we have done a great job. Firstly, a great revolution is needed in the whole world without exception in how we parent and school our children. Apart from that I am a spiritual practitioner and in a way I am trying to give birth to myself, so I don’t have that time and energy to rear another individual. Economically also I am not capable to adopt a child and emotionally I don’t have that parental need. But of course if somebody is financially stable and has that need, I think it’s a great thing to do.