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Niraj Khanal : Do you ever get tired of trying to be manly all the time?

Niraj Khanal

CEO, Antarprerana Pvt. Ltd.

Being raised in a patriarchal society, you are always taught that being a man you need to be controlled and strong headed every time. You should be the bread earner for your family, you need to balance family, society and your work, and what not. Being a man means you should have all the answers and a shoulder to take up all the responsibilities and woes in the family.

In my opinion, stereotyping beliefs always gives unnecessary pressure to all men in our society. However, with changing society and peoples’ perception I have made myself something different and I don’t feel tired of being manly all the time.

Blessed with a strong life partner and a supportive family, I am fortunate that I have been enjoying my given roles and duties. I feel manly, when I am able to share joy and equal responsibilities rather than feel the burden.

Yet there are some situations where I get tired of balancing everything and again I think (comparing with other men) I am not an exception. However, whatever the situation and context, I am enjoying my life and my manhood.