WOW | Musical Conversation

Get into a romantic mood as ten of our most well-known musicians share their playlist of love songs



Ukali orali by Tara Devi
This is one of my favourite songs. The simplicity of the lyrics touches my heart. This song beautifully describes the beauty of Nepal from Terai to Himal. I just love the part where she says —”jaha jaha janchau timi, ma apaila bani panchai rahanchu (Wherever you go, I’ll follow in your footsteps)”.

I feel it coming by The Weeknd ft. Daft Punk
From the music to the vocals, it’s very catchy and makes you want to dance.

Suna by Nirnaya NSK
If you haven’t heard this song, you should listen to it. It was made with a thought for a special moment of everyone. So, I will let your imagination run on this one.

Anything by Hedley
You can listen to this soft ballad anytime (and almost all the time).

I’ll make love to you by Boyz II Men
We grew up listening and singing to this song. It has all the ingredients to be one of my favourite love songs.