WOW | Coffee Break

Is social media ruling your life?

Nirnaya NSK
Performing Artist/ Senior Program Producer at Image FM 97.9 /Social Motivator

Personally for me, nope, social media is not ruling my life. But it does help me to keep up to date as most of the time I am on the move. It keeps me in touch with friends and family. It has become an easy form of communication. It keeps me in touch with my well-wishers. I also get up to date news from social media. It also helps me to let out my feelings, my words and my work across the globe in a matter of seconds. But I keep a reality check that it doesn’t show all aspects of my life. No matter what we see and hear on social media, real life is real. So, live in reality as well. Keep it balanced. Social media has made a huge impact in our lives there’s no doubt. We could see the positive impact of social media during the earthquake. If it wasn’t for this form of communication, we would not have been able to move so quickly in rescue and relief and many lives and places were rebuilt due to it. As I was saying, social media has become a part of our lives but don’t let it rule your life cause at the end of the day, you don’t sleep in the computer or your mobile, you have to sleep in your bed.