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Is social media ruling your life?

Nirusha Rajbhandary
Marketing Executive, FEM Nepal

Social media is a platform that has come into existence to make communication easier. The basic idea when all these social medias started was to help keep in touch with people who may be far away or close by. It tried to bridge the gap in communication. It was a really good initiative, but there is a problem with how people use it now days. It has become a lifestyle and most people are so busy communicating with someone on social media that they forget to communicate in real life. There are many instances where two people who are very good friends on social media feel awkward when they meet in the real world. There is a lot of communication gap between children and their parents because or most children’s busy engagement with social media that they don’t have time to even talk to their parents properly. There are some people who opt not to be engaged heavily in social media. I have limited my social media usage to mostly communication, and upload pictures from time to time. I am busy with my work, college and my private life. So I don’t want social media to take me away from these activities. I have come to a conclusion that social media has started ruling lives of mainly the newer generation.