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Nothing like love

Arshita Rana (22), a native of Udayapur, was aware that she had the soul of a woman. Two years back she met her partner Armont Samsher Rana (24), a Kathmandu denizen through a social networking site. At that time, she was still trapped inside her male body. Although it had been some time that she was talking to Armont, she felt it was too quick for them to meet.  But fate had other things in store and they coincidentally met at a common friend’s place. And that meeting marked the beginning of a relationship of hearts. Arshita then decided to undergo surgery and change her external appearance.  Although Armont’s family has accepted them as a couple, Arshita’s parents are yet to be convinced. They are now soon to get married.  Armont is taking make-up classes whereas, Arshita plans to be a homemaker.

What do you admire about your partner?

Armont: Her caring and supportive nature.
Artisha: He is very skilful and good at anything he does be it dancing, handicraft or makeup.

How supportive has society been about your relationship?

Armont: We are blessed to get the support from my family. When your family defends you, it becomes easier to get societal support. I am very lucky that even my friends are positive about our relationship.
Artisha: I feel that people perceive it as an unnatural phenomena. I think we still need to work a lot to change their views.

What is love?

Armont: It is a feeling that I have in the depths of my heart for her.
Artisha: Love is fully trusting him and expecting the same.

The most romantic moment…

Armont/ Artisha: Everyday!

How important is it to open up about your sexual identity?

Armont / Artisha: It is really important. If you get trapped in society’s rigid interpretation about sexual orientation, it will only harm you in the long run. Also, if you accept societal pressure and marry someone you don’t love, you are not only ruining your life but also his or hers.

What is your take on marriage?

Artisha: We are seriously considering tying the knot.  I just really wish LGBT marriage was legalised soon.
Armont: Only once the marriage equality law is passed, I believe our marriage will hold the same significance as any other couple in society.

What makes you a WOW couple?

Artisha/Armont: Our togetherness!