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Now that she had nothing to lose , she was free

I am filled with wonderment for this world. I want to see more, learn more, explore more. I see a different blue every time I look up at the sky. The rains thrill me. Hearing a beautiful song moves my soul. And I often recognize places I have never been to.

I have always treasured my independence; yet no one ever taught me about freedom. As I was growing I understood that I did not always fit in but it never stopped me from doing things differently. I also understood that life doesn’t always offer second chances so I had to be brave, take risks, walk a different path even if it meant walking alone to stay true to myself. I also learnt that sometimes the people you’d take the bullet for are the ones behind the trigger. And I learnt to hold on to the sunshine, to let the darkness pass.

Grief can be brutally painful. It can engulf you. It can also consume you and drown you. I learnt that grief like that does not only come with death, broken relationships, shattered opportunities, illnesses, the unsaid words… you also grieve when dreams die.

Tested time and again by adversity, today I can say that I may not have always passed but it wasn’t for lack of trying. From adversity I learnt what was really important to me. I understood my passions and purpose better. And each time I chose to do things that even if they were tougher would make me a better person.

I have spent nights crying. I have despaired and lost sight of my goal. I have been tired and hurt. I have wanted to give up and give in. But I have held on. I have crawled out barely. I have fought back. But each time, I have chosen to follow the inner heartbeat.

And I have learnt that your true character is reflected in times of adversity, challenges, hardship and pain. I have learnt that not everything happens for a reason. I have learnt that some things in life cannot be fixed; they can only be carried.

Until the next issue,