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NSK released sixth album “ek Nepal-NSK Style”

After a decade long gap Nirnaya NSK released his sixth studio album “ek Nepal-NSK Style” in a 16 GB ATM shaped pen drive at Sampada Resort on March 31. NSK is a well-known hip hop singer, rapper and social worker. He is loved for “din pani bityo”, “ma nepali”, “gaule jiwan”, “mechi dekhi mahakali” among other popular numbers.

The album will come in 16 GB pen drive and resembles an ATM card. The cover will feature the singer’s photograph on one side and the buyer’s photo on the flip side for a lucky thousand fans that pre book the album. The album features singles and duets where the rapper has collaborated with artists such as Aastha B, Prashna Shakya, and Subani Moktan. The album will be available for purchase on Sasto Deal.

Since 2006, Shrestha has been engaged with the campaign, NSK Tour for Education, reaching out to several schools and colleges in various districts, where he motivates the youth. At the launch, Nirnaya Shrestha shared that he had donated Rs 10 lakhs for books and stationery and encouraged others to help educate the less fortunate.