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Compiled by: Rojina Maharjan

In the growing fashion industry where there is a constant demand for something new, Nuzhat Qazi never fails to impress with fresh and creative designs. She has been developing her signature mix of experimental silhouettes with distinctive prints on natural fabrics. Her outfits are practical yet elegant. Recently she worked as a designer for the movies Ranveer and The Man From Kathmandu, for which she has been highly praised. WOW gets to know the views of the experienced designer on the current trends in the Nepali fashion industry.

You have been in the industry for quite some time, what has it been like?

In 2008, I started my journey as a costume designer in the movie Sano Sansar. It has been almost a decade now, that I turned my passion into a profession. I have been working with natural fabrics since 2014 with Karuna Natural Wears. There have been ups and downs on the professional front but I have handled it with positivity and learnt from the criticisms.

What changes have you seen in the Nepali fashion industry in this time?

The fashion industry has changed a lot in the past few years. I am glad people are adapting to the new trend of wearing local products and are more open to experimenting with their style. Local designers are being acknowledged for their work and our celebrities play a huge role in doing so. I am grateful to each one of them for promoting our Nepali designers in every way they can.

Do creativity and business go hand in hand?

I believe creativity and business always go hand-in-hand. If you’re not creative, you won’t sell. People want to try new things, they like change, it’s human nature. So, for a designer to do well, s/he needs to be innovative.

What is the demand for natural fabrics in Nepal?

It has a niche market among the health and environment conscious fashionistas. Unfortunately, the demand for natural fabrics in the local market is not as high as it is for synthetic fabrics as it’s comparatively more expensive. However, more consumers are becoming health and environment conscious and are willing to pay that extra money for skin friendly and biodegradable natural fabrics. It’s a slow process but it is definitely picking up.

What is the inspiration behind your latest collection? 

 I am currently working on my summer collection which should be out by mid-April. The late 80s and early 90s fashion have inspired most of my designs this year. You’ll see a lot of padded shoulder jackets and power suits for women.

What do you think will be the spring trend?

Spring will be dominated by a lot of neon and fluorescent hues. My favourite is long skirts and crop tops. It gives a comfortable yet cool look for the weather.

One style you wish would make a comeback?

 I want corduroy jackets to make a comeback.

Fashion trends that will dominate 2019

Jumpsuits, palazzos, cut-out dresses and crop tops are going to take over 2019 fashion.

Five must-haves in a woman’s closet…

Black stilettos, blue jeans, a white shirt, a little black dress, a red dress and a black leather jacket.

Fashion faux pas…

I cannot tolerate girls wearing wobbly high heels. It looks ridiculous. I wish they could see themselves from the back. The trick is to choose a pair of good firm heels and learn how to walk in them.

An outfit that will never go out of fashion

White top teamed with a pair of blue jeans and nice flats.

Must have accessory

A wristwatch.