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Would you be okay with your girlfriend/wife having made an intimate video with her ex?

Subha Tandukar

Zen Bistro & Cafe

As a human being, a person has anger inside him/her. Therefore, watching such video will for sure make me disappointed and angry but as person of the 21st century, it will be a thing of the past that will not really matter.


In these modern times, we don’t know when and where a relationship changes. People can have a number of affairs before marriage and I can be counted as one of them. Life is unpredictable. If I am with someone right now, it is not for certain that we will be together in the future as well. The past does not matter to me because the only thing that matters is with whom I am in the present, and I will be supporting her in the future no matter what. What is more important is that her feelings toward me should honest and true.