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Would you be okay with your girlfriend/wife having made an intimate video with her ex?

Binod Lama

CEO/Founder, Karma Records


Well that’s a beautiful question yet tough to answer! Let’s not judge any women from her past. It’s done and long gone. Life is all about correcting our mistakes and moving on. We all love the sculpted art piece yet we are afraid to lose wastage that comes out during the process. I am completely okay with my wife/girlfriend having made an intimate video with her ex, but she needs to have that positive energy to face society. Only me being confident for her doesn’t matter a bit. She herself needs to be confident. Probably most men of our generation in Nepal are change makers breaking that socio taboo of being hypocrites and ignorant. Having said so, I am not against society but rather I have faith in humanity and mankind. Lets love, not complain.