WOW | Life's Beautiful


Text: Anushka Shrestha
Photos: Gokul Shrees

Surabhi Raj Bhandari is a business woman who moved back to Nepal in 2018 after living in the United States and Canada for ten years where she was studying and in the initial stages of her career. She is associated with Mercantile, the family business as a Chairperson, and is currently occupied with the corporate rebranding of the organisation. The absolute dog lover and creative woman tells us what makes her life beautiful.

Surabhi is…

A business woman, dog-mother, and someone who is always striving to better herself

Currently busy with

A full corporate rebranding of Mercantile

What do you love about your work

The tech space is always evolving. Trying to keep up and keep ahead is addictive.

What makes a person beautiful

The way they treat themselves and others

What makes you beautiful

My self confidence and generosity

What makes life beautiful

The fact that you can determine the course it takes every single day

What makes you smile

Anything and everything my dog does

Best therapy when you’re feeling down

A good cry then redirecting myself into something productive

Current perfume

Versace Bright Crystal


Acer Spin 5 – best laptop for a woman on the go!

What tickles your funny bones

Dog memes and memes in general on instagram

On you wish list

A trip to Greece and Turkey

You stay fit by


Best year of your life


Latest splurge

Diamond earrings


Essentially the entire Drunk Elephant skincare line

Always in your handbag

Lucas Paw Paw lip balm

What do you do to unwind

A bubble bath and/or a massage

Favourite holiday destination


You struggle with

Achieving an optimal work life balance

Best thing about being you

My loving and supportive friends and family

Make up… can’t do without

Concealer, bronzer and highlighter

Favourite makeup brands

Too Faced, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Bobbi Brown, MAC

Three things you absolutely do to look your best

Workout, control my diet and live a disciplined life

On a bad hair day

High sleek pony

One tip you learnt that makes you photo ready

Know your best angles!

What you like doing in your spare time

Take my dog on a long walk

Books or movies


Guilty pleasure

Hours of watching makeup tutorials and ASMR videos on YouTube

Favourite place to eat in Kathmandu

You can never go wrong with Koto

Things you can’t function without

Coffee and my iPhone

Favourite Drink

Pinot Noir


Filming makeup and skincare tutorials for my Instagram @slay_by_surbs