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One career advice

Choosing the right career is an important decision. It shapes most aspects of your life and sets the course to your future. With more women in the workforce it’s time to ask today’s career woman the one career advice she would want others to know and learn from. Read on…

Text by: Rojina Maharjan/Pabita Dahal
Photos: Ram Tandukar /Gokul Shress

Kartika Yadav

Kartika Yadav graduated in International Relations and Diplomacy from Tribhuvan University and is in the civil service for the past three years. She works as the Planning Officer ot the International Assistance Coordination Section of Economic Management Division at the National Planning Commission (NPC).

Career advice: Gilbert Keith Chesterton in his popular essay “The Fallacy of Success” said, “There is no such thing as Success. Or, if you like to put it so, there is nothing that is not successful. That a thing is successful merely means that it is”. Similarly, success to me means doing what you want to do and doing your best. Not being afraid of putting in the effort. The more you work in your initial days, the more you learn and develop your expertise. However, one should never work to the point of burning out but rather have the willingness to learn each day and live a balanced life. Also, have patience. A lot of people seek instant gratification but patience truly is a virtue and good things will come your way as you make yourself worthy of it.