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One career advice

Choosing the right career is an important decision. It shapes most aspects of your life and sets the course to your future. With more women in the workforce it’s time to ask today’s career woman the one career advice she would want others to know and learn from. Read on…

Text by: Rojina Maharjan/Pabita Dahal
Photos: Ram Tandukar /Gokul Shress

Ayusha Nirola Mahat

Ayusha Nirola Mahat is the Director of Communications & Outreach at Louis Berger in Nepal. She has worked as a development professional for over a decade in the field of communications, advocacy and media relations. She believes one needs to find a career that makes you excited. She shares, “Most of the time, we are compelled to get into a field because we are technically sound in it or because of the subjects we took at college. However that does not mean it is something that we want to do for the rest of our lives. So choose a career that makes you want to get up each morning and go to work. For example I studied Sociology in college but because I was always interested in writing, editing and designing, I eventually got into a career in communications – something which makes me very happy!”

One career advice: Being ambitious is good, but being humble and mindful of other people’s hard work is equally important. Therefore, I think what makes a person successful in their career is if the support of their team.  Having people who trust you and your decisions is very important for a successful career. This will not only lead your hard work to better opportunities, but you will be revered as a great team player throughout your career no matter which organisation you work for or in which position -and that is one of the best qualities a person could have.