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One career advice

Choosing the right career is an important decision. It shapes most aspects of your life and sets the course to your future. With more women in the workforce it’s time to ask today’s career woman the one career advice she would want others to know and learn from. Read on…

Text by: Rojina Maharjan/Pabita Dahal
Photos: Ram Tandukar /Gokul Shress

Bipashi Tuladhar

Bipashi Tuladhar, Pilot for Sita Air and a Freelance Makeup Artist, considers herself blessed to be born in this era in terms of career,  where we don’t have to fight for equality for women. She shares, “As a child, my dad always taught me to be a better human, he never pointed out duties as a woman but instead he taught me to be fearless and to follow my heart. I feel you should be open and follow your passion and give your heart and soul to it.”  She adds, “I have been working since the age of 17 and now when I look back, I feel thankful for the experiences. I never said no to any work opportunity, as I felt it would be good way to learn So I feel it has sharpened and made me stronger as a person.”

Career advice: Since, my childhood I always wanted to become a pilot.  With my parents’ support, it became possible. However, I wasn’t that lucky as I had to wait eight years to actually start flying as a Commercial Pilot. During, that time I chose not to stay idle and worked in several fields like teaching middle school children, help out with my dad’s business, working as an Operations Manager in Ads and lastly as a makeup artist. Out of all these jobs, I enjoyed working as a makeup artist as it brought out the extrovert side of me. It was a long wait, almost a decade! But, because I hopped around, it also made my vision clear and gave me the confidence to get what I have today. It taught me that “patience and hard work” is the only formula to get to what you dream for. I am at my happiest place right now!