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One career advice

Choosing the right career is an important decision. It shapes most aspects of your life and sets the course to your future. With more women in the workforce it’s time to ask today’s career woman the one career advice she would want others to know and learn from. Read on…

Text by: Rojina Maharjan/Pabita Dahal
Photos: Ram Tandukar /Gokul Shress

Motikala Subba Dewan

Motikala Subba is the President of NELTA/Associate, Professor of English at TU and Advocate at the Supreme Court Versatile, energetic, and encouraging, Motikala is a firm believer that quality education enhances professional growth and development. She is engaged with many organisations and a multitasker. Motikala,  is seen as a workaholic among family and friends.  “Although, I’am known to wear many hats such as trainer, translator, rapporteur, writer, speaker, and an advocate, I am, first and foremost, a teacher. It’s been over 25 years that I’ve been doing what I love the most,teaching,” she shares.

Career advice: Accept whatever comes your way and give it a try. If you don’t like the job move to another where you could do better. But don’t waste time not doing anything in the name of choosing a career. Also consult someone you trust to guide you. If you get a job where you are happy give your best. It will take you places. Trying is imperative. So, keep trying. But all the while, never forget that time does not wait for anyone. Keep moving.

To be a good teacher you must be certified, but you must also develop the ability to use various techniques of teaching to make students understand, as well as make them genuinely interested in the topic. You should develop soft skills that are intrinsic to personality and emotional intelligence, such as having patience, managing time, having the ability to work in a team, being disciplined, having leadership skills and more. As a teacher, you get to play many roles: A good communicator, a strict disciplinarian, a therapist and a skilled team leader. To be a good teacher, you must stay dynamic. You have to adapt the technique and style of teaching as per the mood of the class which can be different every day! This is one of the major challenges.
In spite of the challenges teaching can be a very satisfying career. Anywhere you go you are bound to meet your old students across all fields. The respect they give you as their guru is the greatest reward for a teacher and gives immense satisfaction. If you are hungry for knowledge, enjoy books and are creative, then this is the field for you. The continuous interaction with youngsters keeps you young and on your toes.

My main guru mantra is “go for the type of work which will keep you happy and give you satisfaction.”