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What if your partner has a virtual affair?

Compiled by: Anushka Shrestha
wow photo file © Ram Tandukar/ Gokul Shress/ Sabina Mainali

Sulove Dhakal
Managing Director, Devalaya

To be honest, it is something that everyone should be prepared for these days, especially if you are in a long distance relationship. With all the technology involved, it is quite difficult not to get carried away but that doesn’t mean one cannot. It takes a long time for two people to build trust, emotions, intimacy and commit to a relationship. And if your partner chooses to have a virtual affair with someone, you have to acknowledge the fact that at least one of the factors is definitely missing.

If I find out that my partner is having a virtual affair, I would part ways because I would feel the lack of respect for me and for the relationship. If a person is willing to risk a healthy relationship for temporary pleasure, I would not be able to expect that my partner will value the relationship and not take it for granted ahead.

Dr. Suman Singh Khadka
Dental Surgeon, Dakshin Barahi Health Clinic, National Academy for Medical Sciences

Although it’s virtual, it will hurt to get cheated on as there is always an emotional string in any affair. However her virtual connection would open a spiritual dimension making me realise how fragile our relationship is. I might wonder if my short-comings have been the ground for her affair.

For me, a relationship, a variable, not an absolute, is to be kept by conducting through joint effort. Immediate blame and punishing her or her virtual partner won’t lead me to a beautiful life anymore, so I would figure out the issues in our relationship and look for possible solutions. We might settle things through dialogue as there might be a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. Her response and our talk would surely find the fate of our partnership, no matter if it leads to separation, I would rather live a complete life without such toxicity.

Yanik Shrestha

I feel like a virtual affair sometimes can be detrimental to a living relationship if it goes too far. If my partner is craving for only that and is always excited about being online and meeting this stranger, then I have to have to have some serious worries. But, if it’s just a chat and some flirting going on, I think I will completely be fine with it.

Sagar Thapa
Network Manager, MV Dugar Group, Moto Vlogger, Ride With Sagar

Let’s assume that two people in a relationship agree to a set of promises, it more or less helps to establish relationship based on faith or trust. When one of the couple tries to go beyond the boundaries of a relationship, hide things or acts differently, he or she is choosing to break the trust. Infidelity, with time distracts a person’s attention from real life, and there always is a danger of going too far.

Getting to know about my partner having a virtual affair would trigger powerful emotions, and I guess not making rash decisions and maintaining space would be the solution I seek.

Saurav Maharjan
Fine Art Portrait Photographer, Portraits by Saurav

Having either a real or a virtual affair is something I totally dislike or disagree with. One can make friends, talk on different topics, share experiences, enjoy chatting, etc. but one should not get emotionally attached as this can lead to an affair kind of thing even if it’s virtual.

If I find that my partner is having a virtual affair I would not take immediate action but ask her the reality. We would sort out things with mutual understanding. But I believe and trust that she would not cross her line.