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What Is Your Definition of Beauty

The definition of beauty has evolved through time, cultures and human perception. Today beauty has transitioned simply from how we look to who we are. It is no longer skin deep, it is soul deep. We ask women of different backgrounds their definition of beauty.

Aarya Shah
Student, Barnard College, Columbia University

The word ‘beauty’ when applied to women is often looked at in a mere physical sense, whether she is curvy, skinny, fit, tall or short. In trying to achieve the impossible: to be beautiful in everyone’s unique concept of beauty, we get caught up in the labels and forget to see the most beautiful part of a person; the sum total of what makes an individual beautiful. Yes there is beauty in intelligence and creativity but in today’s age, I feel that true beauty comes in the elegance and courage of understanding your own self worth. It thrives most when we break out of predefined norms that society places on us, and instead accept the people we are. This is when we’ll be able to live freely, when we choose what beauty is to ourselves rather than trying to impress the world and their divergent viewpoints on such a grey concept such as beauty.

I feel that beauty flows with the ability to have altruism but also the sensibility to not allow other people to take advantage of you. It comes with the courage to believe in yourself, even when it feels and seems impossible. The strength in allowing people to help you, in helping others and having the ability to love people and to be loved. Beauty comes when we not only have hopes and dreams, but dare to achieve these dreams for a better tomorrow. For instance the world is continuously inspired by the beauty of Malala Yousafzai’s conviction to risk her life, for her dream of ensuring that women receive education. So for me true beauty is much deeper than just what the eye can see.

Shikha Prasai
Program Director, Interface Nepal

Beauty is the music of the soul. When it syncs with the heart and mind it shines on the face and is seen by the eyes; a reflection of being and of the state of being.

Anjali Lama

Beauty for me is being myself. It is feeling comfortable within the self.

Aakangchha Pathak
Fashion Model

People often define beauty as the quality present in a person or a thing that gives intense aesthetic pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind or the senses, especially the sight. But according to me, beauty really means feeling comfortable in your own skin and also feeling good about yourself, whether it is because of makeup, nice clothes or exercise. It is wearing confidence on your sleeve.

Larisha KC
Makeup Artiste & Entrepreneur

Being someone who started her own business at the age of 17 has made me realise that there is nothing more beautiful than being financially independent and successful; hence beauty for me is independence.

Sharvani Pandey

I truly believe that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Beauty doesn’t exist in itself, but is created by observers. If you consciously and deliberately open your heart and mind, you will find beauty in everything; whereas if you’re an unpleasant state, you may see otherwise. Less scrutinising, more accepting!

Shweta Singh
Miss Nepal 1999 & Director, Institute of Personal Development

Beauty to me is defined by the personality and behaviour of an individual. A heart full of compassion and mercy and a genuine soul to me is beautiful.

Ranju Darshana
Central Committee Member, Bibeksheel Nepali Party

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about beauty is kindness. It’s something that doesn’t harm others. The definition of beauty differs according to time and situation. It is relative. If you talk about physical beauty, it is maintaining hygiene for me. Using beauty products is not bad but the thought that I am not complete without beauty products is not good. It is okay if using makeup builds your confidence, but we must erase the idea that a person who uses beauty products is excellent and a person who does not use them is not.

In a broader sense, beauty is about how we feel. I believe in the popular phrase ‘Life is beautiful’. It lies in simple things. If we look at ourselves and see the natural functioning of the body like breathing, it feels so beautiful that we are living our life.

Neena Uday S. Shrestha
Mother & Homemaker

For me beauty is more than what comes from the eye, it comes from how you see yourself. Beauty can be a boon or a curse depending upon how you view yourself rather than how others view you.
If you believe in the beauty of your values and guidance, you will be able to see beauty in others as well. However, if you prefer to value materialistic beauty over your values and beliefs than it will be the biggest barrier in life.

In the current times, when social media validation has become so important for the younger generation, it is crucial to love yourself.