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The Perfect Smile

The-Perfect-SmileA perfect smile has well aligned teeth, lips, super healthy gums and fresh breath. It exudes an aura of positivity, warmth and happiness. A smile also gives you immense confidence and attracts people towards you. A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear. And with good, simple care, you can preserve your oral health – brushing at night, flossing between teeth, brushing the tongue, flushing with water after every use, killing bad habits and visiting your dentist every six months.
Even if you have a problem with your smile, there are various ways to fix it. First you have to get your mouth totally clean, devoid of any cavities, gum disease and any other conditions. If a simple correction is needed in a smile, it should be done without cutting any tooth structure. At times, I see people going through and recommending a cover up after cutting natural teeth. Cover ups last for sometime only, and the natural teeth that are gone will not come back causing catastrophes in the later life. One of the best and most natural ways to correct your smile is by the use of braces. And now in Nepal, we have all the forms available, from invisible ones to the ones that are put at the back of your teeth. Braces are not easy, but are long lasting with good personal care. Missing teeth can be replaced by implant. Some people recommend chemical fillers such as botox to enhance smile which I personally do not favour. Always stay as close to natural procedures as possible.

A great positive attitude also enhances your smile. Create balance in your thoughts and lifestyle and find goodness in the little and not so little things in life. Keep that smile.

Dr Neil Pande MD & CEO Healthy Smiles, Dental Surgeon,

Dr Neil Pande
MD & CEO Healthy Smiles, Dental Surgeon,