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Outfits i feel best in

Khusbu Gauchan is a fashion design graduate from IEC and has been blogging for six years at she gets almost 20,000 visitors on her blog every month. She started blogging as a fun thing to do but with the attention she received from readers in Nepal and overseas, she bought her own website, and the hobby has now turned into business as well.
Khusbu is currently also looking after Hotel Harmika, a family run business, besides a new venture in which she invests in apartments and rents them out on Airbnb.

Why did you pick this outfit?

I picked this outfit because it is very comfy yet stylish. The dress has a very bohemian inspired print which is a statement in its own, and I’ve worn a jacket over it which looks very stylish yet comes handy when it gets chilly in the evening.

What do you think this outfit says about you?

This outfit says that it is important for me to stay stylish even while being comfortable.

Do you prefer being dressed up or dressed down?

I always prefer being dressed up but when it’s a very busy day, I dress down.

When’s the last time you wore it?

This is the first time I am wearing it and I am wearing it because I have this huge styling project today, and as a stylist I have to be very comfortable because there is so much work to do.

Where did it all come from?

The dress is from Forever21 that I got when I was in China, The jacket is a very old one and I don’t remember where I got it from. The slip ons are from DS COLLECTION.

What is your favourite compliment to get?

Any compliment is good enough right?? But the best compliment I got is the introduction from a magazine that wrote “Her style and killer sense of fashion forms a deadly combination. If you look up “fashionista” in the dictionary, a picture of Khusbu would be all the explanation you’d ever need”.

Worst fashion advice you’ve gotten?

I’ve never gotten any fashion advice from anyone till now, be it a good or bad.

Do you have any beauty or grooming things that you do every single day?

Cleansing, toning and moisturising every night for beautiful skin.

What do you most hate to wear?

I am very experimental when it comes to styling; I can wear almost anything and style it my way. I do hate to wear or would never wear is dirty, stinky clothes.

To what level do clothes have a power over you?

Clothes have power over me. When people do not know me or they’re meeting me for the first time, the clothes that I am wearing tells them something about me, but once the person knows you, it’s your personality and your behaviour that matters. After that clothes will do nothing.

If you had to wear the same thing every single day for a month, what would you pick?

Joggers with white tee and super stylish sneakers.

When do you feel your most attractive?

I feel most attractive when I am in minimal makeup and a very comfy stylish outfit.

A fashion MUST DO you always follow.

Always stay in trend but make every trend into your style, don’t just follow trends blindly.

A tip to feel great every time you get dressed…

If you’re comfortable and confident in what you wear, it shows in your face.

3 wardrobe essentials

Little black dress, beautiful fitting jeans and a white tee.