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Outfits i feel best in

Manila Sharma is a style enthusiast, former hotelier and a consultant. She currently owns an online business which offers a clothing line under the name, Tiffany.

Manila has recently started designing too, and this is to further her vision of bringing Tiffany to a bigger business picture.

Why did you pick this outfit?

I picked this outfit as it’s classy, minimal, comfortable and the printed kimono on top makes a perfect add up.

What do you think this outfit says about you?

This outfit shows that I’m a free soul, vibrant and versatile.

Do you prefer being dressed up or dressed down?

Being a fabric and style lover I believe in dressing up.

When’s the last time you wore it?

I wore this in Pokhara about a year back.

Where did it all come from?

I got the dress from ASOS and the Kimono from H&M.

What is your favourite compliment to get?

For me the best compliment is not only to be told I am beautiful but to be praised for my work, designs and styling.

Worst fashion advice you’ve gotten?

I have never been suggested any fashion advice so far. But when I hear people being obsessed with trends and going gaga, I feel like letting them know that it isn’t so important. What matters is style and comfort. Fashion fades, style remains.

Do you have any beauty or grooming things that you do every single day?

I don’t have anything particular but I keep up with my skin care on a daily basis with cleansing, toning and moisturising.

What do you most hate to wear?

I’m not really fond of jeans. They feature very less in my attire.

To what level do clothes have a power over you?

Clothes have a huge power over me as it is very important to me. Clothes help me be more creative, interesting, stylish and presentable.

If you had to wear the same thing every single day for a month, what would you pick?

If I had to wear the same thing every single day for a month, it would definitely be a maxi slit dress.

When do you feel you’re most attractive?

I feel I’m most attractive when I wear earthy colours with nude make up.

A fashion MUST DO you always follow.

A fashion must do I always follow is colour coordination. I feel it gives complete justice when you put colours well together from head to toe.

A tip to feel great every time you get dressed…

A tip to feel great every time you get dressed is to know your body and complexion well. Play with colours and fabrics that work best for you and not because it’s a trend. You are your best stylist.

3 wardrobe essentials

A tan coat, a classic tote and pointed pumps.