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Moni Jha is a self taught photographer. Her favourite hobby is to write and tell stories. She is also an activist with interests in feminism, fair representation and just governance. Currently, she is striving to tell stories from the grassroots of Nepal through her website.

Moni is also co-founder of Y.O.U, a lifestyle brand that strives to works with nature’s goodness and raise awareness of organic choices.

Why did you pick this outfit?

As clinched as it might sound, my choice of outfit really depends on how I feel about myself and everything around me. I chose this outfit as it resonates with my personality, is a natural fabric, and is monochrome and comfortable.

What do you think this outfit says about you?

The outfit says just enough about my personality – simple, no chaos and me. I am also a big fan of colours and I think each shade has a mood and a personality. Although green is my favourite colour, black has always overpowered everything else in my wardrobe. Black can basically be everything.

Do you prefer being dressed up or dressed down?

I believe clothing is an expression. Getting dressed up or dressed down is an art. I ‘dress up’ when I have the time and am in the frame of mind, but I usually like to dress down as there is more to me than just my clothes.

When’s the last time you wore it?

Last week.

Where did it all come from?

My outfit comes from the ‘Back to Basic’ collection at Y.O.U which is simple yet very edgy. I like it mostly because it is naturally dyed black and the fabric is made from bamboo. I like the whole look as it celebrates nature’s goodness.

What is your favourite compliment to get?

‘Your smile makes me happy’.

Worst fashion advice you’ve gotten?

You should not wear something because you are not the right size, colour or age for it. Life is an experience, so are our clothes. I believe we each have our own style and if there should be any advice, it should be for all of us to accept our body type and wear what makes us happy.

Do you have any beauty or grooming things that you do every single day?

I try to have as much water as possible from my copper jar and get good sleep every day. I also walk a few kilometers everyday which keeps me feeling alive. I have come to a point where I have realised that beauty is really subjective and the more I understand and accept myself, the more beautiful I become. I only surround myself with things that make me happy. I like to smile a lot.

What do you most hate to wear?

I hate wearing synthetic fabrics and clothes that suffocate with their fit.

To what level do clothes have a power over you?

I feel life is an experience and everything we do has the potential of bewearing art. Food, shelter and clothing are our most important necessities, also the most flamboyant human expression. Clothes for me take a fairly important place in making me the person I am perceived as. Fundamentally clothes connect me to my surroundings.

If you had to wear the same thing every single day for a month, what would you pick?

That’s a tough question but I think I would go with a pair of pyjamas and ganji all made from bamboo fabric. It is one fabric which feels awesome, protects the skin from something as harmful as UV rays and is great in all seasons.

When do you feel your most attractive?

Thankfully after many years of feeling different I have been able to accept the fact that all of us are special in our own ways. I grew up wanting to be attractive and needing to be beautiful without realising that I can be the best of me every single moment if I want to. Today I feel attractive when I am running in my workout gear or when I look at my makeup less face before I go to bed. I feel attractive when I choose to be happy and free, when I choose to be me.

A fashion MUST DO you always follow. A tip to feel great every time you get dressed.

Each time you get dressed it is important to know that style speaks more than fashion. Fads come and go but comfort stays. Giving into trends without caring for your skin and body is not just unpleasant but unhealthy. Thankfully I have hardly ever been carried away by fads because I know what I feel good in which automatically contributes to making me look good. I have always paid attention to how a piece of clothing makes me feel. A fashion must do for me is to know be in my element and celebrate my personal style.

3 wardrobe essentials.

Comfortable lingerie, ripped jeans and sexy, comfortable shoes.