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OUTFITS i Feel best in

Sefina Joshi is a fourth year student of social work with St Xavier’s College. She describes herself as determined, hard working and career oriented. Sefina loves to explore new things and is always game for a good challenge.

Why did you pick this outfit?

I find this outfit really elegant and beautiful… it’s pretty simple. I also make me feel confident and good about myself. And this outfit can work out in anyway. It can be casual, professional and formal as well.

What do you think this outfit says about you?

Confident, smart, elegant and classy.

Do you prefer being dressed up or dressed down?

I prefer being dressed up because I believe if you look good from outside, it really helps boost your inner confidence.

When’s the last time you wore it?

Ummm… I wore it last time at my best friend’s birthday.

Where did it all come from?

TMN- Dilli Bazar

What is your favourite compliment to get?

I can carry myself really well in whatever I wear.

Do you have any beauty or grooming things that you do every single day?

I really appreciate and pamper myself. It helps me look best in whatever I wear. I have also learnt to love myself. It motivates me to look good, be good and do good.

What do you most hate to wear?

Short skirts.

To what level do clothes have a power over you?

A lot. Because I think your appearance really matters, and people notice you by the clothes you wear. Sometimes the first impression can be the last. Your dressing style also describes your personality. So for me clothes do have a power over me. I am conscious about how I look.

If you had to wear the same thing every single day for a month, what would you pick?

I would pick blue jeans and a plain white/grey tee.

When do you feel your most attractive?

I feel I am more attractive when I wear bright colours like pink, white or red.

A fashion MUST DO

I really like vibrant and happy colours as it really matches my skin tone. Bright colours have always attracted me.

A tip to feel great every time you get dressed…

The most important thing is that you should always feel comfortable in what you wear, whether it’s traditional or a skirt or a bikini.

3 wardrobe essentials

Black jeans, plain white tee and a black dress.