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Not long after attaining a Diploma in Fashion Design
from New Delhi, Mukta Shrestha ventured into a
career in fashion designing in 1994. From being associated with an export house for almost 12 years to her creations being showcased in the international arena, this 42-year-old, mother of two is currently the Head of Design at SABAH Nepal. SABAH is a social-business organisation which works with financially
deprived and marginalised home based women workers.
Mukta believes in promoting local textiles and hand-woven fabrics as her responsibility and believes fashion goes beyond glamorous clothes. Her work was recently
showcased at the Khadi Nepal Fashion event.

Your inspiration
It’s actually the local people and their skills that inspire my creations. I want to highlight their work and if I can use their talent and market them in this age of modern trends and fashion, then my work here is done, my purpose has been fulfilled.
A design secret you are willing to share
When it comes to designing, don’t over think it. Go out, keep your eyes open, visualise things, have fun, and play with new ideas.

What makes your designs different?
I think dhaka fabric has been the mark of my identification. I did not realise how fond I was of the material or how it
was a constant part of my designs until people started remembering whenever they came across something made out of dhaka. In fact, I have even been hailed as the ‘Dhaka Queen’! LOL! On a serious note, what I’m promoting is different from others and I am proud of it.
What has been most challenging so far?
Being a married working woman. To have balanced personal and professional life, to have continued with my profession for more than 20 years which was not a familiar field of work at that point in time, to have brought up kids with social and cultural values and ethics… was not easy for me. But I can proudly say that I was able to manage this.
Message to aspiring designers:
Be confident of yourself as a designer, as a creative person. Don’t work in a particular personal style; rather develop a personal approach to your creative work.