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Today, we live by our watches, the calendar – a reminder on the desk, we exist in minutes, measure time

All we are living stories waiting to be read and understood.

All we are living stories waiting to be read and understood.

As the year comes to a close, I think about TIME. Does time really exist? I have come to understand it doesn’t.

I look at the world rushing… people chasing time… every second accounted for. Lists of things to do…every waking minute filled. People overwhelmed. People scared. People hurt. And when it ends, people unprepared, caught by surprise, overwhelmed, scared, hurt. And what does it all really mean?

The first time I really thought about time was years ago when I was standing on a cliff looking out at the sea. The sunrays cast a beautiful ripple on the waves, birds flying, the sky a beautiful blue… an endless horizon, and in that vastness I felt really, really small. I wanted to merge into the beauty of that moment and seize it forever. I thought to myself, one day I will be gone… and someone else will stand here, just like me, and feel the poetry and magic of this place and moment all over again… yet feel it for the first time. How many people had stood before me? How many will stand after I am gone? With tears raining down my face, I felt the invisible thread that ties us together… we all share the same journey.

Sometimes, caught in a rush, I hold myself back and breathe and I ask myself – is what I am about to do really important? Is this what I really want to do this very moment? And the rush passes. I share this with you because we often forget the really important things – sharing a quiet moment with the family, cuddling with your partner, a tender kiss for the little one, really listening to someone when they speak, eating mindfully, doing things that truly matter, playing with your dog, helping someone in need, enjoying the sunshine, listening to music, dreaming, reading , laughing, working a hundred percent, creating opportunities… We do all of this, but are we really present?

Sadhguru says – Because I am not a slave of human ideas, I have never been a slave of time. Only when your experience of right now is not enough, you want to go elsewhere. If this moment is big enough, where would you want to go? You’d find there is no such thing as time; there is only eternity. He also says – Time and space are essential dimensions for physical creation. But if you touch a dimension beyond the physical, there is no such thing as here and there, now and then. Everything is here. Everything is now.

In the now, I wish you abundance… a life filled with purpose, wisdom, adventure, joy and peace.

Until the next issue,