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  • JOBTITLE: Certified Fitness Instructor/ Personal Trainer/ Owner Befit Fitness Studio

What makes a person beautiful?
A beautiful heart …

Anjana Kayastha (3)

What makes a person beautiful?
A beautiful heart
Current perfume:
Too many, but if I have to be specific, Jo Molone is one.
On my wish list:
I don’t have anything as such but I really want to be a shopaholic! LOL!
I stay fit by:
Exercise, diet, and good sleep
Best year of my life:
When I was a toddler
Latest splurge:
A diamond ring
Secret behind your glow:
Love, love, and more love… also, inner peace and happiness!
Daily use of Bioderma facewash and sunblock
My iPhone 6 Plus Style Icons: My friends Tenzin Tseten
Style Icons:
life's beautiful foto 4
Bhutia and Sijan Bhattachan, and my hubby Chandan Kayestha
Always in my handbag:
My phone and wallet